Collective Energy 10/31

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Energy Update 11/19

I'm still trying to figure out how to explain exactly what I'm seeing, for the last couple weeks.. its like a hologram over earth. Or layers of holograms & a ship. A layer hiding ship Something Huge is coming.. I think everyone can feel this or will be feeling this These energies are uprooting karmic frequencies individually and collectively. You may feel as if youre vibrating also, dizziness or vertigo I am still getting a huge focus of energy moving fast in the ocean. If youre feeling the heavy energy of the collective, meditate as much as you are able to.. send love. I think with this full moon/ship is bringing a lot of emotions for the collective up from recent events. Collectively we've agreed that there is 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week by programs of the collective for generations and generations- now we are getting out of that collective thought, which is the 3D grid matrix linear time system. With the rainbow energy wave or dark matter hurricane, it is of a higher density of potentiality basically the stuff in between Realms in between the physical and nonphysical where we merge as one... or where the Observer creates of thought and that manifests into physical form. These waves are integrating at a subatomic level.. our environment affects our energy because each plasma surrounding the subatmoic particles within each atom within each cell of our body acts as an antenna- downloading information energetically From what ive seen "Nibiru" is a planet-like ship not a planet. Just like all these systems & "asteroids" The moon/ship/satellite is inside a plasma or energetic field. I dont know what shape the earth is, but i do know there are ships that look like "planets" like the moon & Nibiru...

Group Meditation

9:30pm EST USA

Message from Mira the Pleiadian / The Arcturians / The Pleiadians / November 18, 2018

Message from Mira the Pleiadian - The Arcturians - The Pleiadians - November 18, 2018 - The Flow of Fifth Dimensional Light - The Pleiadians through Suzanne Lie - The Arcturians - Marilyn Raffaele - - Awakening with Suzanne Lie - Sananda - Love is our new reality - - Galaxygirl - Message from Mira the Pleiadian - Marilyn Raffaele - -

Etheric Body & Karmic imprinting- Connection to psychic gifts (pt1)

The Great Awakening EP43 - Remember the Dreams of the Child

The Great Awakening EP43 - Remember the Dreams of the Child Gematria - Ascension codes - Dreams - Visions Gematria /ɡəˈmeɪtriə/are methods of assigning a numerical value to a name, word or phrase based on its letters. Ascension code/ əˈsɛnʃ(ə)n /kəʊd/ Short messages that people receive from a dream or a vision. Dream /driːm/ A series of events or images that happen in your mind when you are sleeping. Vision /ˈvɪʒ(ə)n/ An experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or trance, often supernatural in nature. Ascension messages are extracted from ascension codes using gematria. Ascension codes are short messages that people receive from their dreams, meditation sometimes even visions or otherwise. They sent these ascension codes to me and I look up phrases with the same gematria value and translate it to a message. If you want your ascension code translated, send it to my email address [email protected] Remember to add the backstory, let us know how you got the code. Don’t be afraid to be as detailed as possible! Today’s code was sent in by Spiritual butterfly The Code: Remember the Dreams of the Child Download the message file here: Remember to subscribe: PLEASE SHARE my videos and channel with likeminded friends and family on social media. Please refrain from using “strong” language in the comments. Comments containing such will be withheld and will be deleted.

Interference when i speak of God or 13 gates God particle..Christ consciousness. I wish i could record what my electronics do during interference. ..its like the screen moves around glitches freezes sometimes shuts right down 😂😂 but.. cant stop wont stop😎

Venus 0 degrees
Uranus 0 degrees
north node 0 degrees
south node 0 degrees
Moon hitting 0 degrees conjunct north node tonight.

---November 7th (around) earthquakes/vibration spike of planet trigger other events

2019 is beginning of water displacement, massive earthquakes, pole shift, and crazy events

this is a collective karmic reset/shift..reaching zero point. I have spoken in past videos the connection between Uranus and Venus with the collective the shift..the nodes are important in the evolutionary growth of the collective. Nodes with Venus and Uranus at zero point is a new cycle. The Mother energy and Gaia's original template memory structure/conscious web/grid is fully activated. This will be speeding up your vibration every day- spikes throughout the day. This is plugging you into the original system of the cosmic/galactic timing frequency through your unconscious mind and through synchronicity in the form of number patterns and unplugging you from the Vatican/Satanic created False timing frequency and artificial grid system made of collective crystallized thought created by manipulation of perception (time is money)




anyone dealing w a loved one w cancer or health issues right now, it can be a difficult week for them...physically & emotionally (My mom was diagnosed w cancer not too long ago and has been doing pretty well but had a very difficult was tough) but know that everything will be OK, they are going through what is needed for them at a higher level that we may not be able to perceive in this physical realm, be there, show compassion, empathy, support and love but stay in your FAITH.

Increase in activity after or around Nov 7th, triggering phsyical changes with pole shift...water displacement. NEW EARTH.

I was seeing a huge split/earthquake in late 2019 and how everything looks after...2022 is beautiful. I saw myself and my monad group. BUT yes, the collective will play out the rest of the collective karmic experiences while purging the 3d mind. Systems will change in order to evolve, and this is a POSITIVE fear. Surrender.

recording readings to send out.

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