World of Tanks Blitz WOT gameplay playing with Dynamic Leopard EP273(11/05/2018)

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Funny Troll Moments in World of Tanks Blitz #4

Montage of Ridiculous moments in Wot blitz. Intro music: Tobu & Syndec- Dusk Other music: 1) Investigations 2) Darix Togni- Digi Galessio 3) Ring around the Rosy 4) Funk- A-Dump- Misssing Link 5) Cha Cha Slide 6) Spongebob Trap Remix Devices: IPhone 6 and Mac book pro Programs: QuickTime, Final cut Pro

World of Tanks│World of LoLs - Episode 22

Weeee're baaack! Russians got some new gold ammo I hear :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After a long break, we're back! It's been a fun summer and I'm refreshed AF (not)! As usually Premiere has been giving me attitude! I'm probably going to have to do a complete reinstall of all Adobe programs, not looking forward to that... But yes. Hope you guys enjoyed this episode, It took about a good month to make because I wanted to make it as perfect as I could :P! Probably my favourite episode to make thus far :D (I'm talkin bout the KV2 part). Well I'm gonna end it here! As usually a cookie for all the 10% who read the description! Wooo! Cheers peepz :D! -------------------------------------------------------------- ✔ PATREON: ♠ Facebewk: ♣ Twitteru: ♥ Twitch: ---------------------------- FACEIT Website: How it works: ----------------------------------------------- For sending me replays: Please write the time of the moment, the game version, and describe what happens as accurately as you can! But WARNING, I dont use over 60% of the replays that are sent in, but if you think your replay is usable , then go ahead and sent it my way :D If you think your replay is special then put "SPECIAL" in the title of the email so I can find it easier! ( NOT blind shots, clutch shots, unintentional kills, etc...) Submit them here: [email protected] ----------------------- Thanks to Sir Havoc for lending me a room in his community's TeamSpeak! Check him out! You can find WORLD OF TANKS here: fpVenom (dontbeatme): Nemetepst: Ursha (Riiruu): Armored Patrol BLOG: -------------------- SONG LIST (in order): Intro: Sean&Bobo - Swing it * Edvard Grieg -Morning song.mp3 * AWOLNATION - Run * National Anthem of USSR * TheFatRat - Windfall | METAL REMIX By the amazing Vincent Moretto! * Smooth Jazz: * Phil Collins - Can't stop loving you * Rue De La Swing 3 - John Åhlin * He's a Pirate! * Doh De Oh * Bev & Bob cover - Evanescence - Bring me to life * TF2 Song - Right Behind you * German Folkdance - Magnus Ringblom * Barney Songs - Silly Hat song * Le Chat Noir 1 - Martin Landh * Flying Glitch: Outro: Nyanimals by Thomas Ripper Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: --------------------------------- PC Specs: Graphics Card: GTX 970 Gigabyte Processor: Intel I5 4690K 3.9GHz RAM: Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB 1866 MHz DDR3 Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC Pancakes: With Nutella and Whipped cream please For Business Inquiries: [email protected]

World of Tanks Black Prince - 8 Kills 5,1K Damage

Subscribe for more replays! Submit your replays at: [email protected] - check 'About' for more details. Support the channel with 2 clicks: Follow me on Facebook: Join the Union: World of Tanks Black Prince - 8 Kills 5,1K Damage Medals received: Radley-Walters' Medal, Cool-Headed, High Caliber, Top Gun The Black Prince is a British tier 7 heavy tank. Developed from 1943 through 1945 on the basis of the Churchill tank. It featured a wider and elongated hull to carry the upgraded turret with a 17-pounder gun. A total of six Black Prince prototypes were produced from 1944 through 1945. A few vehicles underwent trials but never saw action. The Black Prince is essentially an elongated, widened, up-gunned, and somewhat up-armored Churchill VII. While the powerful engine makes the vehicle respectably agile while maneuvering, partially due to its excellent terrain resistance, it retains the terrible cruising speed of the Churchill VII, traveling at a maximum speed of 20 kph. The tank's first engine is woefully inadequate, and must be upgraded. The Black Prince features very thick but very flat front and side armor that must be angled to be effective. Even some higher-tier tanks will have trouble penetrating an angled Black Prince without the use of premium ammunition. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER must the Black Prince be driven into an open area, because its size and speed makes it an easy target for artillery and tank destroyers. When ported to HD, the tank suffered a reduction in its frontal turret armor, making it somewhat less effective. However, its good armor and excellent hit point pool make it a tough adversary when driven by a skilled tanker. The Black Prince leads to the Caernarvon. Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2018 Mod:

World of Tanks Epic Wins and Fails Ep151

World of Tanks Epic Wins and Fails Ep151 | Zekin 60fps Мир Танков , タンクの世界 , ワールドオブタンクス , ворлд оф танкс If you want to send your replay containing interesting gameplay please send me a replay file directly to or submit it in and send me a link to Thank u xD Fb : Ins : Song theme : 1. Ampyx - Ember 2. Ampyx - Holo 3. Ampyx - Rise Music provided by Ampyx.

World of Tanks IS-3 - 9 Kills 7,2K Damage

Subscribe for more replays! Submit your replays at: [email protected] - check 'About' for more details. Support the channel with 2 clicks: Follow me on Facebook: Join the Union: World of Tanks IS-3 - 9 Kills 7,2K Damage Medals received: Radley-Walters' Medal, Pascucci's Medal, Cool-Headed, High Caliber, Top Gun The IS-3 is a Soviet tier 8 heavy tank. Mass production of the vehicle started in May 1945. On September 7,1945, IS-3 tanks took part in the Allied Victory Parade through Berlin. A total of 1170 vehicles were manufactured by the end of 1946, when production was canceled. From 1948 through the late 1950s, the tanks underwent a number of modernization refits. The IS-3 has more agility and speed than the German Pz.Kpfw. Tiger II, and finds itself at home engaging in close-quarters combat. While the frontal hull armor is not as thick as its German counterpart, it more than makes up for as it is sloped and the tank is agile enough to use it effectively. The front of its upgraded turret is also very well armored and has small weak points, making it difficult to penetrate. However, it cannot use this to hull down in common locations because the tank has a low profile and lacks gun depression. Instead, use rises in the ground to engineer yourself extra gun depression, or hull down behind the wrecks of enemy tanks. Another technique the IS-3 excels at is reverse sidescraping; the act of showing its side armor at an extreme angle by parking its back up against hard cover; as the front-mounted turret limits exposure from doing so. However, due to the low profile of the tank, the turret roof or engine deck can often be penetrated in this position. In addition, the IS-3 cannot use classic sidescraping techniques due to its pike nose negating the sloping of the frontal armour and forward mounted turret; doing so only exposes the already thin frontal hull at a flatter angle. Despite this, the IS-3 is a devastating tank up front when it is equipped with its top gun, boasting solid alpha damage and high penetration. The IS-3 leads to the T-10, and the Object 257. Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2018 Mod:

World of Tanks Blitz WOT gameplay playing with Dynamic Leopard EP273(11/05/2018)
World of Tanks gameplay war games for battle
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World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online game developed by the Belarusian-Cypriot[5] company Wargaming, featuring mid-20th century (1930s-1960s) era combat vehicles.[6] It is built upon a freemium business model where the game is free-to-play, but participants also have the option of paying a fee for use of "premium" features. The focus is on player vs. player gameplay with each player controlling an armored vehicle, which may be a light, medium or heavy tank, tank destroyer, or self-propelled gun. World of Tanks debuted as an eSports game at the World Cyber Games 2012.[

World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy - 4 Kills 11K Damage

Medals received: Confederate, High Caliber

The Type 5 Heavy is a Japanese tier 10 heavy tank.

The Type 5, also known as the Type 2605, was one of the variants of the O-I superheavy tank, developed during WWII. The vehicle was planned to be used for breaking through fortified enemy lines and for coastal defense.

Sometimes known as "Godzilla" or "Derpzilla" or just simply called as Type 5, The Type 5 Heavy is the final evolution of Japanese Super-Heavies. It is just as massive as it seems: it has second highest HP after Maus (2900), is even bigger than it, and has thickest frontal armor of all heavy tanks in the game. Like all other Japanese heavies starting at tier 6, Type 5 Heavy has choice of either gun with above average alpha damage but poor accuracy and DPM (aka the 14cm gun), or howitzer that is capable of doing titanic damage when it penetrates or very high burst damage; more than any other heavy tank in the game!

Unlike Type 4 Heavy, Type 5 Heavy no longer carries hull cheeks as weakspots, and unlike most Japanese heavies, Type 5 Heavy also has much stronger side armor. Due to these two traits, Type 5 Heavy is capable of angling and sidescraping much more effective than its brother.

Nevertheless, while Type 5 Heavy is very powerful, it is not impossible to beat. Like other Japanese heavies, Type 5 Heavy is huge and slow, which makes it very vulnerable against artillery and tier 10 TDs. Due to this, map awareness is very important with Type 5 Heavy. While it has tough side armor, its huge and flat side profile, huge ammorack and long reload on both guns makes it notably vulnerable to flanking and when left alone.

The Type 5 Heavy marks the end of its Japanese heavy line.
Time for your best and finest funny moments / RNG mayhem from World of Tanks! This time we explore what it feels like when RNG is not your friend, witness an epic double jump - double roll and can enjoy one of the most epic tank on tank action

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