Twinflames & New Earth 5D- Council of 9

author Aluna Ash- 9D   8 мес. назад

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Twinflames Karmic Partners & Dismantling 3D Conscious Constructs

Twinflames- Matrix & Ascension Process 3D to 5D

Twin Flame Reading - DM & DF Messages

If you are interested in a personal reading, please visit my Etsy shop at: Decks used: Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine: Archangel Power Tarot Cards The Angel Tarot The Fairy Tarot Doreen Virtue: The Romance Angels Magical Messages from the Fairies Colette Baron-Reid: The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle Cards The Good Tarot Whispers of Love by Angela Hartfield The Power of Surrender Cards The Psychic Tarot and Oracle Cards by John Holland The Psychic Heart Tarot and Oracle Cards by John Holland Art through the Starstream Oracle Thanks for watching :)

The 144 Program- Paradigm Shift

RH Neg Bloods *Activations- "The Event"* Clearing Bloodline Lineage*

This is a channeled message for RH Neg blood incarnates. ⭐⭐⭐Also if you're RH Neg check out CosmicChristi & Sun Soul Astrology if you haven't already...lots of great RH Neg info There is an activation, integration and synchronization taking place at a molecular-subatomic level within your DNA structure, cells, etheric/electromagnetic genetic imprinting, your specific harmonic resonance & and the bloodline you incarnated into to carry out your assignmemt here during this time of humamity's shift from 3rd density to 4th density and 5th. ⭐ This process has accelerated and will continue to with the help of gamma rays from the galactic center, solar flares, celestial energy/transits- particularly Sun in Pisces to Aries- Chiron activation from full moon in Pisces, Mars transit from Sagittarius to Capricorn w Saturn, Uranus moving to Taurus from Aries along with the Sun following & Venus transit. Jupiter in Scorpio aspecting Uranus in Taurus. ⭐I will also be sharing multiple channelings from Arcturus Council of 9 of collective energy, astrological transits & whats to come connected to the celestial energy & grid system both-- above & below- as within so without. Current activations, shifts and what to expect at a: *Physical level *Mental level *Emotional level *Spiritual level *Energectic/etheric/astral level *3rd dimension level as far as your exerience in the physical plane/linear time when it comes to money, government, events, shifts, etc... *Timelines *Galactic level

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