ALL SIGNS- The Ex Comes Back??🙄😳 Oct 26-Nov-3rd

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The Event/New Earth & 3rd Eye Group Meditation- Full Moon/Matrix Satellite

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE!!! Focusing on the 3rd Eye, Group healing, Collasping the matrix control together as a group through focused thought, energy and intention :) **** Bring a candle to light if you want I feel like there will be a very powerful shift/reset in money to a new system soon...WE are the ones that have given the dollar the power it has through focused collective thought, we can create a new system the same way. Could be a financial fluctuation or shift in the next 1 to 4 weeks thats significant. Before Nov 11th false flags Volcanic activity increase mid-november.. there is an earthquake coming that's kinda large that will trigger the volcanic eruption/eruption increases. New Earth shift.. and very very large one near December 2019 which looked like a split. Preparation in March 2019 all of this is just distraction anyways, the most important thing is your connection to the Divine.. thats what saves you. Your frequency/vibration.

Energy Update 11/19

These energies are uprooting karmic frequencies individually and collectively. You may feel as if youre vibrating also, dizziness or vertigo I am still getting a huge focus of energy moving fast in the ocean. If youre feeling the heavy energy of the collective, meditate as much as you are able to.. send love. I think with this full moon/ship is bringing a lot of emotions for the collective up from recent events. Collectively we've agreed that there is 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week by programs of the collective for generations and generations- now we are getting out of that collective thought, which is the 3D grid matrix linear time system. With the rainbow energy wave or dark matter hurricane, it is of a higher density of potentiality basically the stuff in between Realms in between the physical and nonphysical where we merge as one... or where the Observer creates of thought and that manifests into physical form. These waves are integrating at a subatomic level.. our environment affects our energy because each plasma surrounding the subatmoic particles within each atom within each cell of our body acts as an antenna- downloading information energetically From what ive seen "Nibiru" is a planet-like ship not a planet. Just like all these systems & "asteroids" The moon/ship/satellite is inside a plasma or energetic field. I dont know what shape the earth is, but i do know there are ships that look like "planets" like the moon & Nibiru...

Message from Mira the Pleiadian / The Arcturians / The Pleiadians / November 18, 2018

Message from Mira the Pleiadian - The Arcturians - The Pleiadians - November 18, 2018 - The Flow of Fifth Dimensional Light - The Pleiadians through Suzanne Lie - The Arcturians - Marilyn Raffaele - - Awakening with Suzanne Lie - Sananda - Love is our new reality - - Galaxygirl - Message from Mira the Pleiadian - Marilyn Raffaele - -

Aries *You know who your soulmate is!* ~ Lovescope Nov 19th-25th

Weekly Love Advice ~ Nov 19th - Nov 25th 2018 *Decks Used Love* 1 - Moonology Oracle Cards - Yasmin Boland & Nyx Rowan 2 - Romance Angels Oracle - Doreen Virtue 3 - Queen of the Moon Oracle - Stacey Demarco 4 - Black Moon Astrology Cards - Susan Sheppard 5 - Tarot of Dreams - Ciro Marchetti 6 - Gaia Oracle - Toni Carmine Salereno Thumbnail photo:

Coffee & Catch Up 1 hr 11 minutes!!! (unplanned time lol)

New York feedback, Bob Geldolf, California Fire, Fire Elemental Teaching, Brexit Update, 11/11 Feedback, Divine Masculine Awakens, Drugs - El Chapo, Brooklyn Bridge....and more...xx Recommended sprays: Fire, Water, Earth, Sapphire Peace Malas from - Teresa Mayville My Facebook page - Angelic Celestial Colours Japardize Tarot - Nino Japardize

Took a few off from my work to do a Quick Reading instead of an energy update XOXO

This is just my opinion... when you share your energy and body with someone you're giving them access to your soul, your spirit, and your life force. Dont give that away freely, equal exchange of energy... Stay empowered DF's!✊✊✊


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