Energy Update 11/19

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Telepathy 11/20

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!!😘✊💗👁🎁🎂 **any talks about war are distraction. Grid failure- distraction tl keep the collective vibration in duality- which is 3D, we are waking people up too fast. All of the West Coast is a focus. Keep getting Seattle. Im not laughing at anyone, im laughing at how i was seeing this. Not all telepathy is in this way w units/transmission stations, some are through multidimensional conscious awareness communicating, but the nonphysical transmissions/communication looks like light and holographic energy streams & they are coming from units These transmission stations/terminal banks are like the Akashic Register/Galactic Brain for this Galaxy.. holding all different information past/present/future Also still seeing increase in volcanic activity coming I was also seeing discussion about michelle obama running for president.

Energy Update 12/4, Next Wave

#NewEarth #5D #PoleShift #LightBody New wavespell today, day one of Yellow Sun. Still seeing fast movement in water west pacific- talked about this over the last month Our entire body is integrating new codes, new information, new energy.. you could have an increase in energy one day and then be completely wiped out the next just make sure you're taking advantage of when you're feeling good and then resting when you need to always listen to your body no matter what. We are all going through this change and transition together.. there is not one person that has already gone through the shift completely that's in this physical experience- we are all the same. There could be a testing of the Grid or the internet in different locations, at diff times within the next few weeks I was seeing something in my dream state which I don't really know what it is but I think it may be a crater of some sort. If you're planning on doing the clearing/release & manifestation ritual Wed. 9pm EST USA, bring 2 pieces of paper and a pen to the group meditation. If I'm unable to edit the video I made for the astrology for December before the livestream, I'll talk about the astrology on the live stream instead & just upload the individual astro & channeled messages for each zodiac sign separate. Patreons: the element readings & twinflame reading by elements are posted.✊✊

november 21, 2018 Ascension Energy Update Tarot Card Reading

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The DANGER of "Fake It Till You Make it" with the Law of Attraction and what to do instead

For the Most powerful meditation for Worthiness and Completion click here ➡ ➡For my 7 Day Law of Attraction Morning routine Course Click below ➡ ➡Click here for the Law of Attraction Accelerator Program (limited discount) ➡ #lawofattraction #spirituality #raiseyourvibration This video will show you The DANGER of "Faking It Until You Make it" with the Law of Attraction and what to do instead. Transcript below... In this video, I'm going to be sharing with you that danger of faking it till you make it. I'm going to show you a more powerful way to go about it so that things happen easier than ever. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I'm going to be sharing with you the danger of faking it till you make it understanding of this concept that with the law of attraction, many people here and it's kind of like been thrown around a lot. It is something maybe you've even heard me say in a certain way, but there's a context underneath it that must be understood. Otherwise we go about it in a very resistant type way. So first off, where does this notion come from? It comes from a understanding of what is called acting as if so we have something we want to experience in our life. We don't currently have it. So what we do is we act as if we already do have it, which then syncs us up to that vibrational reality where that is the case. So for example, you could say, well, I am currently not at the right body weight that I want to be at, so I'm going to act as if I am and I'd imagine the best version of myself eats healthy, goes to the gym, does certain things, so you go do those things, or it could be that you want to be financially successful, so you act as if you are finance, financially successful, which you might do is you might study the markets, you might invest your money, you might do different things that align you to the reality where you are the version of you that is abundant and living with that financial success. Now, just this alone, there isn't anything wrong with it and with everything also understand that everything in life is a half truth, which means it works from a certain perspective. However, there's this resistance that comes under it. When people say, you must fake it till you make it. Now let's look at that term and let's look at why that may be something that it causes a bunch of resistance. Faking it until you make it at the same time is implying that you are already not good enough. You aren't good enough. Therefore, if you can be and do something else, then he will be more worthy. You will be even better, so faking it until you make it is causing resistance because then we assume that where we are isn't already good, whole and complete, so the alternative to this would be being real and authentic. Understanding that maybe the facade that we have been the person we have been hasn't been as authentic as we could be, so it's redefining the way that we see that of being fake or authentic. Now, it doesn't mean that where we currently are as wrong doesn't mean that we need to feel resistance. It means we accept what we currently and how we currently are. We accept it. However, we are also aware of the different layers of conditioning. Caring what people think because that's not really who we are. If we're doing something to make someone else happy, that's not even really who we are anyways. That is us playing according to everyone else's rules, everyone else's expectations. Now, there was a book that was written by Dr Joe Dispenza, which is called how to break the habit of being yourself, and when I first saw this book title, I was at a sauna at the gym. Someone had it and I remember thinking, that doesn't sound like something I'd want to read. Why would you want to break the habit of being yourself? However, what he shows in the book is that who we think we are is a combination of how we think, act and feel. This is our vibration. Now what happens is we put on this facade, we have these layers of inauthenticity that we are remaining consistent too because the subconscious mind will always do what it can to be consistent to the way that it sees itself and because of that, if we remain in the bubble of the way we see ourselves will always experience that over and over and over again, but you see you are an infinite being. Even though you think you might say to... Song Adventures by A Himitsu Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Music released by Argofox Music provided by Audio Library This video is about The DANGER of "Faking It Until You Make it" with the Law of Attraction and what to do instead

Archangel Michael !~ A Year to Explore Your Freedom ~ Messages from Angle ~ AA Michael

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I'm still trying to figure out how to explain exactly what I'm seeing, for the last couple weeks.. its like a hologram over earth. Or layers of holograms & a ship. A layer hiding ship i dont really know how to put it into words yet i guesw 😂😁

Something Huge is coming.. I think everyone can feel this or will be feeling this, huge energy shifts.. we are getting closer to the end of the 13,000 yr cycle moving to the Divine Feminine- 2019, first time in our lifetime we experience this time interesection point to uplift to 5D.. last time was- Atlantis

These energies are uprooting karmic frequencies individually and collectively.
You may feel as if youre vibrating also, dizziness or vertigo

The border situation is just distraction, paid, fake. Its all to create division & fear. All theater

I am still getting a huge focus of energy moving fast in the ocean.

If youre feeling the heavy energy of the collective, meditate as much as you are able to.. send love. "He who controls the prana, controls the universe." I think with this full moon/ship is bringing a lot of emotions for the collective up from recent events. You dont have to everything figured out, just allow, surrender & be patient with yourself and others. Try to stay out of judgement to stay out of duality.

Collectively we've agreed that there is 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week by programs of the collective for generations and generations- now we are getting out of that collective thought, which is the 3D grid matrix linear time system.
With the rainbow energy wave or dark matter hurricane, it is of a higher density of potentiality- basically the stuff in between realms, in between the physical and nonphysical where we merge as one... or where the observer creates from thought and that manifests into physical form. These waves are integrating at a subatomic level.. our environment affects our energy: each plasma surrounding the subatmoic particles within each atom, within each cell of our body, acts as an antenna- downloading information energetically
From what ive seen "Nibiru" is a planet-like ship not a planet. Just like all these systems & "asteroids" The moon/ship/satellite is inside a plasma or energetic field. I dont know what shape the earth is, but i do know there are ships that look like "planets" like the moon & Nibiru... But Nibiru is mainly connected to our ascension of upliftment due to the groups on this ship & genetic ability. Some starseeds will remember this ship in dreamstate, it is hollowed out planet-like ship from my perception of things.

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