World of Tanks Blitz WOT gameplay playing with Dynamic Leopard EP279(11/09/2018)

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World of Tanks || The Sneakiest Tank

World of Tanks – UDES 03. Today kali12 is going to show you why the T8 Swedish tank destroyer, the UDES 03, is the sneakiest high tier tank yet! SUBSCRIBE for more videos!: ► LIVESTREAMS: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays for 5 hours+ Starting @ 18:00-CET / 17:00-GMT / 12:00-EST ► Twitter ► Facebook ► I'm partnered with G2A, get the latest games at the best prices! ►3% cashback using MY code: ►BABY◀ Find out more about me and our community on the official forums: ► QuickyBaby's FAQ ► ___ World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here: Use invite code "QUICKYBABY4WOT" to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, 500 gold, 7 days premium, and a gun laying drive!

Как получить прем танк Бесплатно? WOT BLITZ

#премиумтанк #Бесплатно #wotblitz Хрум Хрум, давайте поговорим о том, как можно просто заполучить премиум машину в Ангар в WOT BLITZ Ananastya Скинуть мне на конфетку Дискорд УГ (ссылка обновлена) World of Tanks Blitz — мобильный free-to-play MMO-экшен, посвященный танковым сражениям середины ХХ века и предлагающий абсолютно новый формат командных онлайн-баталий. Игра унаследовала все лучшее, что сделало оригинальную версию World of Tanks любимой игрой миллионов. Игроков ждет впечатляющий арсенал легендарных стальных машин, разделенных на несколько классов: средние танки, тяжелые танки и противотанковые самоходные установки. Каждый класс обладает уникальными игровыми характеристиками и отличается своим индивидуальным стилем ведения боя. Легкое и удобное управление дает возможность полностью сосредоточиться на самом сражении, а продуманная механика предлагает комфортный темп игры, позволяющий принимать взвешенные тактические решения.

World of Tanks Blitz. 2 часа на общение

- Большое человеческое спасибо. Дискорд Всем привет! Зовут меня Серега, можно просто Стасыч (Станиславович). Возраст 45 годков, старый уже)))). Живу рядом, в 150 км от крупного города, в ПГТ, деревне, станции, в общем я обычный человек из глубинки. И работа у меня тоже обычная - строитель, механик, водитель. Лица не будет, не очень приятная картинка, да и не торгую я лицом, возраст не тот))) Конечно женат, трое деток. Стримлю с шабашки. Чтоб скучно не было одному.

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WoT Blitz. Духи рандома в деле

Ребята, всем привет) Ставьте лайки, подписывайтесь на канал) Играю взводами всегда ссылка вконтакте: Ник в игре: Neosporim111 Помоги донатиком: : Или сбербанк:4276 8030 1875 2333

World of Tanks Blitz WOT gameplay playing with Dynamic Leopard EP279(11/09/2018)
World of Tanks gameplay war games for battle
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World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online game developed by the Belarusian-Cypriot[5] company Wargaming, featuring mid-20th century (1930s-1960s) era combat vehicles.[6] It is built upon a freemium business model where the game is free-to-play, but participants also have the option of paying a fee for use of "premium" features. The focus is on player vs. player gameplay with each player controlling an armored vehicle, which may be a light, medium or heavy tank, tank destroyer, or self-propelled gun. World of Tanks debuted as an eSports game at the World Cyber Games 2012.[

World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy - 4 Kills 11K Damage

Medals received: Confederate, High Caliber

The Type 5 Heavy is a Japanese tier 10 heavy tank.

The Type 5, also known as the Type 2605, was one of the variants of the O-I superheavy tank, developed during WWII. The vehicle was planned to be used for breaking through fortified enemy lines and for coastal defense.

Sometimes known as "Godzilla" or "Derpzilla" or just simply called as Type 5, The Type 5 Heavy is the final evolution of Japanese Super-Heavies. It is just as massive as it seems: it has second highest HP after Maus (2900), is even bigger than it, and has thickest frontal armor of all heavy tanks in the game. Like all other Japanese heavies starting at tier 6, Type 5 Heavy has choice of either gun with above average alpha damage but poor accuracy and DPM (aka the 14cm gun), or howitzer that is capable of doing titanic damage when it penetrates or very high burst damage; more than any other heavy tank in the game!

Unlike Type 4 Heavy, Type 5 Heavy no longer carries hull cheeks as weakspots, and unlike most Japanese heavies, Type 5 Heavy also has much stronger side armor. Due to these two traits, Type 5 Heavy is capable of angling and sidescraping much more effective than its brother.

Nevertheless, while Type 5 Heavy is very powerful, it is not impossible to beat. Like other Japanese heavies, Type 5 Heavy is huge and slow, which makes it very vulnerable against artillery and tier 10 TDs. Due to this, map awareness is very important with Type 5 Heavy. While it has tough side armor, its huge and flat side profile, huge ammorack and long reload on both guns makes it notably vulnerable to flanking and when left alone.

The Type 5 Heavy marks the end of its Japanese heavy line.
Time for your best and finest funny moments / RNG mayhem from World of Tanks! This time we explore what it feels like when RNG is not your friend, witness an epic double jump - double roll and can enjoy one of the most epic tank on tank action

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