Macworld San Francisco 2008-The MacBook Air Intro (Pt. 1)

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Macworld San Francisco 2008-The MacBook Air Intro (Pt. 2)

Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the MacBook Air ultra-portable laptop.

History of the MacBook

The first generation of MacBook was a departure from the iBook in more than just its name. Besides the processor, the MacBook featured a polycarbonate body that was thinner and lighter than its predecessor. It utilized the new MagSafe power cable that attached and detached magnetically, a new glossy 13-inch display, sunken keyboard design, and magnetic latch. It improved on the iBooks WiFi networking abilities, offered Bluetooth 2.0, and included two USB ports instead of just one. It also came with a built-in iSight camera that allowed for video recording and a sudden motion detector that would protect the hard drive if the notebook was dropped. But despite all its new features, the first MacBook had some problems. First, early models would shut down randomly due to a firmware issue, which Apple responded to with a firmware update. But then many MacBooks would overheat and shut down because the graphics card and hard drive ran too hot. Eventually, Apple issued a recall of early MacBook models because of the issue.

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Apple WWDC 2005-The Intel Switch Revealed

Here we see Steve Jobs announcing that Apple will begin using Macs with Intel processors & that Mac OS X was being built for Intel since the beginning.

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Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the MacBook Air ultra-portable laptop.

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