Energy Update 10/29

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Collective Energy 10/31

Interference when i speak of God or 13 gates God particle..Christ consciousness. I wish i could record what my electronics do during interference. ..its like the screen moves around glitches freezes sometimes shuts right down 😂😂 but.. cant stop wont stop😎 Venus 0 degrees Uranus 0 degrees north node 0 degrees south node 0 degrees Moon hitting 0 degrees conjunct north node tonight. ---November 7th (around) earthquakes/vibration spike of planet trigger other events 2019 is beginning of water displacement, massive earthquakes, pole shift, and crazy events this is a collective karmic reset/shift..reaching zero point. I have spoken in past videos the connection between Uranus and Venus with the collective the shift..the nodes are important in the evolutionary growth of the collective. Nodes with Venus and Uranus at zero point is a new cycle. The Mother energy and Gaia's original template memory structure/conscious web/grid is fully activated. This will be speeding up your vibration every day- spikes throughout the day. This is plugging you into the original system of the cosmic/galactic timing frequency through your unconscious mind and through synchronicity in the form of number patterns and unplugging you from the Vatican/Satanic created False timing frequency and artificial grid system made of collective crystallized thought created by manipulation of perception (time is money) THE VATICAN IS BEING REMOVED FALSE F'S THE MONEY SYSTEMS COLLAPSING MEANS WE'VE COLLAPSED THE VATICANS CONTROL OF 3D MATRIX ARTIFICIAL TIMING FREQUENCY GRID THAT IS SUPER IMPOSED OVER THE NATURAL TIMING FREQUENCY OF LEELA OR SYNCHRONICITY anyone dealing w a loved one w cancer or health issues right now, it can be a difficult week for them...physically & emotionally (My mom was diagnosed w cancer not too long ago and has been doing pretty well but had a very difficult was tough) but know that everything will be OK, they are going through what is needed for them at a higher level that we may not be able to perceive in this physical realm, be there, show compassion, empathy, support and love but stay in your FAITH. Increase in activity after or around Nov 7th, triggering phsyical changes with pole shift...water displacement. NEW EARTH. I was seeing a huge split/earthquake in late 2019 and how everything looks after...2022 is beautiful. I saw myself and my monad group. BUT yes, the collective will play out the rest of the collective karmic experiences while purging the 3d mind. Systems will change in order to evolve, and this is a POSITIVE fear. Surrender. recording readings to send out.


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Mars** will be hitting the exact degree at 27 degrees of aqua not ketu.

There could be another YT crash or something similar temporarily. May not be worldwide or as big.

Lots of False 🚩(still.. same message as before except now they will be playing out collectively, its like a play. All scripted. They need to keep the vibration in a dualistic state because of the waves that are coming in that's the only way they keep the third dimension going and feeding the demons)

Something with JFK in November who was killed 11/22.
And something w Assad and Israel president or Israel.

Gaia will be breathing. A release of energy. Volcanic eruption from earthquake and there's also water that I was seeing w this. All of it is very close together & is potentials based off collective timeline

Stay strong family... we just had a really strong wave come through over the weekend and it's still lingering a bit for the next couple of days. The experiences w these waves can be different individually and change w each one. Any emotions that come up, just allow it to come out, surrender & don't feel like you're taking a step backwards or like you are stuck or like you're doing anything wrong. Whatever you're going through, there IS a reason for it a soul/spirit level & it IS worth it in the end.
You are never alone. Your higherself is your guardian angel and your direct connection to communicate with the Divine/Source/God. The wave we just had and is still continuing was pretty strong not only was it a spike with the vibration of the planet from below the surface but we also had a wave that came in at the same time.. there's a lot taking place astrally in the fourth dimension and this is where the spiritual war is taking place, so your physical body is going to sleep but your soul and spirit is continuously battling and clearing time lines and parallel realities and collapsing things into one and also setting up other realities for yourself to merge into. The physical body is integrating so much information right now to be able to merge with the higher aspect of yourself and then project into the reality from the perception of the 5th dimensional self- which is how we cocreate New Earth and deliberately manifest.

The best thing we all can do is have empathy, compassion and forgiveness. Show others that energy by living it. Thats how we break the cycle of dualism and division and shift vibrationally.

The next energy spike will be in about 6 days.. then we have the rainbow wave reactivation triggered the 11th. Everyone will experience this energy but how you experience it is based off of the individual perception, consciousness, vibration, timeline, etc.. even those that are fully awake do not see the energy waves physically or visually as color or see auras or Spirits or entities so whether or not you see these energy waves does not determine your spiritual evolution. We are different individually in how we experience our reality, our perception. And that's something that does change and evolve over time and it's something that we have chosen prior to our incarnation individually. The Clairvoyance is just the third eye, it's just seeing with the third eye- which we all have. Just whether or not you have chosen to access that part of yourself in this lifetime

Dealing with a lot of interference and censorship with YouTube and social media with getting certain messages out.. so I'm going to be putting them in a different video and maybe ill be speaking them metaphorically or symbolically lol

I send out readings & email very late at night because I only record at certain times (Im a mom)

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