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Riding a Waymo self-driving taxi

Today, Waymo rolls out a driverless taxi service called Waymo One in Arizona. The company has been operating self-driving cars, occasionally without safety drivers behind the wheel, for about a year and half now. The goal is to use all the data they have collected to make Waymo's autonomous vehicles the safest drivers on the road. Andrew Hawkins went down to Chandler, Arizona for a test ride. Subscribe: Like The Verge on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Follow on Instagram: Listen to our podcasts: Read More: Community guidelines: Wallpapers from The Verge: Subscribe to Verge Science on YouTube, a new home base for our explorations into the future of science:

The Apple Store Genius Bar Broke My $5,000 iMac Pro

Getting your iMac Pro repaired is even harder than expected... Update video - Apple's new iMac Pro is a $5,000+ machine but many users are reporting that Apple Support isn't servicing them—even under warranty. They repaired ours, but the Genius Bar destroyed it in the process. What a disaster! Follow me on Twitter - Follow me on Instagram -

Why is Elon Musk having a harder time building Tesla than SpaceX?

Click on the link below to sign up for free, Special thanks to my Patreon supporters, Joe Goh, Lam Dang-Duy, Breizh_72, Kailun Wang and Lewis Chong! Patreon - Follow me @ LeiCreatives on Twitter & Instagram If you like the look & feel of the video, here are my gears Music by Epidemic Sound: #SpaceX #Tesla

The DIY Rocketeer Building SpaceX Replicas of Self-Landing Rockets

Joe Barnard left his background in videography and music production to launch his life of amateur rocketry, and he shares his DIY adventures in building rockets on his YouTube channel After he saw the launch and successful landing of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, he knew that he wanted to do that too—so he took it upon himself to learn all he could about rocket science to get a job at SpaceX. Since then, many companies have come knocking at his door, but he’s decided to keep on forging ahead with his DIY endeavors to build, launch, and land fully functional scale rockets at a fraction of the cost and time of experimenting with real rockets. Motherboard travels to Tennessee to meet with the rocketeer leading that charge for budding DIY rocket scientists around the world. Check out Joe’s YouTube channel: Subscribe to MOTHERBOARD: Follow MOTHERBOARD Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram: More videos from the VICE network:

What Exactly Caused SpaceX's Falcon 9 Landing Failure

Follow up video here! - Today SpaceX experienced their first landing failure of a Falcon 9 since 2016! So what went wrong? We'll dive into the details and explain what exactly happened! Thanks so much to Daz Valdez of K Space Academy for letting me use his amazing footage!!! - Grid Fin Not-A-Coasters are available on my new webstore! - Check out my album "Maximum Aerodynamic Pressure" anywhere you listen to music (Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc) or click here for easy links - I the cohost of an awesome podcast where we talk all about current technologies and how they shape our future! or here on YouTube Show your support by becoming a Patreon - This video had two "Moon Walkers" who helped make this possible - Blake Jacobs and Mac Malkawi Buying a Tesla? Already ordered a model 3? Consider using my link for a referral!

Elon Musk's SpaceX set two records this week with its latest Falcon 9 launch. Also: How Virginia Tech scientists gave us Jedi-like powers, and a self-driving hotel room that comes to you.

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