New Earth Shift/Ascension. Energy Update + Msgs 10/26

author Aluna Ash- 9D   4 нед. назад

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The Event/New Earth & 3rd Eye Group Meditation- Full Moon/Matrix Satellite

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE!!! Focusing on the 3rd Eye, Group healing, Collasping the matrix control together as a group through focused thought, energy and intention :) **** Bring a candle to light if you want I feel like there will be a very powerful shift/reset in money to a new system soon...WE are the ones that have given the dollar the power it has through focused collective thought, we can create a new system the same way. Could be a financial fluctuation or shift in the next 1 to 4 weeks thats significant. Before Nov 11th false flags Volcanic activity increase mid-november.. there is an earthquake coming that's kinda large that will trigger the volcanic eruption/eruption increases. New Earth shift.. and very very large one near December 2019 which looked like a split. Preparation in March 2019 all of this is just distraction anyways, the most important thing is your connection to the Divine.. thats what saves you. Your frequency/vibration.

Kundalini Activations

Have we entered the NEW WORLD?- 3 Magic Words Movie

Dolores Cannon talks about New World in an interview for the movie 3 Magic Words.

Psychic Attacks/Entity Attacks 10/9

These entities can take on diff forms and its all just a massive pain in the ass really. Nothing to fear, they always scramble even more when a big shift is taking place

ALL SIGNS- The Ex Comes Back??🙄😳 Oct 26-Nov-3rd

Took a few off from my work to do a Quick Reading instead of an energy update XOXO This is just my opinion... when you share your energy and body with someone you're giving them access to your soul, your spirit, and your life force. Dont give that away freely, equal exchange of energy... Stay empowered DF's!✊✊✊ Patreon


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