Heinrich Kemmler, the Lichemaster

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Archaon the Everchosen

Welcome back to a brand new lore video featuring Archaon the Everchosen, Lord of Chaos! I hope you all enjoy the video! Be sure to check out the comment section for Timestamps. Thanks to CA for allowing me to use in-game footage and not I own none of the music or pictures used in this video. Sounds used: 1. Lux Aeterna 2. Song of the Lonely Nord 3. Requiem for a Tower 4. Dawn of War: They Arrived 5. Skyrim Ambient Tavern Music

Apocalypse - Stalin Documentary

Apocalypse - Stalin Documentary

New Mortal Empires Faction/Lord Traits!

So many Legendary Lords had received a face-lift going into the Curse of the Vampire Coast! Let's take a minute to examine all the changes and see if your favorite lord has been upgraded! #WarhammerMortalEmpires

Khazrak the One-Eye

From the darkness within the trees of the Darkwald, rumors whisper about the rise of a new power. A mighty Beastlord has risen to dominate the herds, binding the Beastmen warherds beneath his will. Khazrak the One-Eye will slaughter the Empire of Men and all opposed to the Dark Gods will die. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/LoremasterofSotek Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/loremasterofsotek Twitter: https://twitter.com/LSotek

Durthu, Eldest of the Ancients

Residing in the magical forest of Athel Loren are the mystical Forest Spirits, creatures of bough and branch that have existed for millennia. Yet among their kind none are as old or powerful as Durthu, Eldest of the Ancients. Here we shall examine his lore in full detail. Hope you all enjoy. https://www.patreon.com/LoremasterofSotek https://www.twitch.tv/loremasterofsotek Soundtrack from video: Fateful Reunion Kings of Yore Remembrance Reign of the Dark Amidst the Elder Forest Children Vision Ocean Daughter The Fall of Enexa-lir All composed and owned by Adrian Von Ziegler. Also included: Witcher 3 and Skyrim music

In the legends that swirl throughout the Old World, there persists rumors of a terribly powerful wizard known as the Lichemaster. One of the greatest Necromancers to have ever plagued the Warhammer Universe, the question remains of who is he exactly? What is the truth behind the myths of the madman that straddles loyalties between the Great Necromancer and the Dark Gods? Join me as we cast away the lies and reveal the lore of Heinrich Kemmler.

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