ALL Ben 10 Aliens POWER SCALED (ft. Chuck & JAR) | Tracing the Border #15

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What RUINED Ben 10? | Tracing the Border #5

JOIN THE DISCORD: Ben 10 Alien Force: Modesty vs Arrogance: 5 YEARS LATER: The image at 10:34 was drawn by Supersketch1220, I accidentally credited the artist as the group the image was put into. My apologies. Ben 10 was created by Man of Action entertainment and owned by Cartoon Network Studios. All clips presented here are for commentary purposes only.

History of Alien X (All Feats.) | Tracing the Border #13

JOIN THE DISCORD: I'm so tired.

Why Ben 10 Can Beat Goku, Superman, and Pretty Much ANYONE | Tracing the Border #1

I'm ready for your rage. DISCORD: Check out my comic: Snapchat: KurotheArtist Instagram: rob.orpilla

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien - All Alien's First Appearances

All of the first appearances and first transformations of all of the aliens shown in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Playlist of All Ben 10 Transformations:

Could Ben 10 Transform Into A Super Saiyan? | Tracing the Border #4

This has been a much debated topic in the comments of some of my previous videos, and with The Fairly Oddparents Anime video finally dropping, this seemed like the perfect time to make this. Also I got a new mic and haven't the slightest idea how to make sure it always records the same levels and didn't bother learning before creating this video. I'll go learn how to do that right now. EDIT: If Ben had a Saiyan, I would name him MonKi. You can view a picture of him on my website. Brad Smith: SeththeProgrammer: Song in the Video: I do not own anything from the Dragon Ball or Ben 10 Franchises.


From Grey Matter to Alien X, we look at the facts and feats of every Ben Prime transformation, and see how we can rank them.




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