New Earth 💜 End Of The 3rd Density 12 60 false time Matrix. Back to 13 20 Galactic Time.

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Synchronicity- What does it mean?! 6/11

*Made April 2018. Posted 6/11/18

OP's/ Agents/ Organic & Synthetic Soulless Portals/Handlers/Sleeping Souls/Awakened Souls

Its a war on your Spirit. I got 16% awakened last year. I dont know the % of awakened right now in september 2018 yet but i believe 20-25% Attachments, entities, lower thoughts or triggers whether someone is being manipulated to trigger you or you are triggering them) nothing to be ashamed of it's something that all of us deal with in this realm because it's a battle for your energy, it's psychological and spiritual warfare. We all have control & can create our reality and experience what we choose to. This can feel like an idea, a thought, an emotion, etc.. that doesn't feel good and just know that anything that doesn't feel good, is your soul and spirit speaking to you saying that it is not your energy- it's a program. It's also important to use discernment if you're having any type of energy work done or connecting with certain people, or getting guidance, getting information, etc.. use your discernment. We have a shift that's about to take place ( and I will upload more about this, but most of you already know this. You already feel it) that is opening up the 13th Gate, which is going to create a complete shift in consciousness for many people in this realm.

The White Dragons. Next Energy Wave. Grid Failure/Tests

We have reached a timeline intersection Point as a collective where at least 51% of the collective has reached a certain level of consciousness where we are shifting into a new potential timeline where the Dragons are FULLY able to engage with this shift without infringing on our Free Will. This is why so many will begin to experience the connection with the Dragons. We have 7 main groups of Dragons here that are subdivided into many other groups. They want it to be known that they are here. THEY ARE HERE. AND THEY ARE POWERFUL. I don't really know how to put it in words but this is the most powerful energy I've ever felt or connected with and they are completely clearing the astral planes and timelines. The Dragons are also collasping the false "solar flash" Ascension timeline that's been created through manipulation which was a program to try and create a bomb manifest through the collective unconscious by default. This wont happen.

Twin Flames Collective Update: SPIRITUAL BATTLE - DM is facing the beast. DF is the strength

Hey lovely souls and welcome! I’m Brittney and I’m a twin flame spiritual messenger, certified reiki healer and life coach Please check out my website to book a session with me. Email- [email protected] about bookings Email [email protected] for general questions

Why You Came to Earth From The Higher Dimensions and WHY You Are Here NOW

To experience THE SHIFT click here ➡ ➡For my 7 Day Law of Attraction Morning routine Course Click below ➡ ➡Click here for the Law of Attraction Accelerator Program (limited discount) ➡ #lawofattraction #spirituality #raiseyourvibration This video will how you Why You Came to Earth From The Higher Dimensions and WHY You Are Here NOW. Transcript below..... This video, I'm going to be sharing with you the truth to why you chose to come to earth at this time from the higher dimensions and why you are here right now. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video, I'm going to be sharing with you the real reason that you chose to come to earth at this time because now on the planet is one of the best times to be alive ever in the history of what we know to be, and I really believe this and what I'm going to be sharing with you is who you really are, understanding how reality works, who you are, how you relate to that, and some things that you may have forgotten at deeper levels when you chose to come here. So first off, let's understand very general basis, something I've shared in other videos before, but it's just this underlying premise that we are immortal. Spiritual beans live in temporary human experiences. Sometimes we forget this, but it's not that we are. Sometimes they was saying that we are human beings having a spiritual experience. It's actually the other way around. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. We exist now, therefore we will always exist in one form or another. Now behind this, it's about understanding the deeper depths of who we are. Now, many people on the planet right now are going through some form of spiritual awakening. Now my bet is that if you are even perceiving of this video, then most likely at a certain level, you as well are going through some form of spiritual awakening. You have gone through some spiritual awakening or you are about to go through some form of spiritual awakening, a spiritual awakenings where you just become aware of who you are at a greater sense more so than just the ego body, the, the construct of our physical body. You become aware of more of that. You become aware that there's more to life, more to reality than just that of what we actually see. Taste, touch, smell, and even think about that because we interpret reality through the five senses, but we know that there are things beyond the five senses like for example, if you were to see, you can see with your eyes, you have a certain level of site. However you know that there's ways we use things called x rays to see through and into people's bodies or into their bones that exists right now and now we can't physically see it with our eyes, but we know that x Ray Vision or x Ray, the ability to see things in x ray form exists in the same way. There's many different things that exist, like for example, the, the, the, the hearing that we have and it took me a second to get that. The hearing that we have, we can only hear between a certain decibel range. Now we may not be able to hear the sound of a dog whistle, but that doesn't mean that a dog whistle doesn't exist. It's just that we are becoming more aware. We are extending our perception and that the same way in a spiritual awakening. We expand our perception even more. Now, I want to share with you a story and a story that will help to open up and help you to understand more of who you possibly may be and this story is going to in a way trigger inside of you certain realizations. It's gonna allow you to feel this sense of expansion and after you know this story, after you hear it, your life will be forever changed because you will see things in a new point of view. Even if it just plants a seed. Even if you completely reject what I'm about to share with you and you doesn't resonate. Eventually it may come back into your life and be like, Oh yes, I remember that story and this is a story that I think will make you feel more empowered and knowing who you are and really remembering, remembering who you are, so onto to imagine that you are chilling in the higher dimensions. Now understand that onto this earth plane that we exist in, we have certain emotions that we feel. We have a certain type of experience that we have and I want you to imagine, and I've said this in many videos before I said that our natural set point is actually unconditional love, bliss, enlightenment, whatever we want to call it. Now what happens is... Song Adventures by A Himitsu Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Music released by Argofox Music provided by Audio Library This video is about Why You Came to Earth From The Higher Dimensions and WHY You Are Here NOW

13 20 is Christ Consciousness and our natural timing frequency template. Galactic time.
12 60 is false time. Our galactic family is here.. you will be connecting telepathically. This will pick up over the next few months headed into 2019. Setting up, waiting for the end of this 13 yr galactic cycle. March 2019 will be powerful activations. The physical avatar needs to adjust to these frequencies and that takes time to integrate or it creates too much imbalance w your instrument (body)

July 26 2019 & Aug 11th 2019 are significant.

They already lost.. they are only playing out their pleasures as long as theyre able to.. Keeping collective in dual state keeps the physical vibration at a 3rd density and keeps the matrix in place. Without the dramas on the world stage, the system falls apart because we begin to merge as one from within and vibrate higher, that is then projected outwardly. There will be a series of events playing out on the worldstsage, manipulations, along w Gaia purging through elemtenal force. Rituals & technology are being used more then ever before..mainly by Vatican forces to keep control of 3D and 4D.
They are being removed from the 4th dimension and will no longer have control... the astral parasite vampiric consciousness. You may deal w incubus sucucbus aggressively at times in dreamstate right now, its a war. Astral spirit war. They also want the collective to manifest white light because its a trick, manipulation for soul harvesting system. Why they have programmed people to go to the light at death.. the moon matrix soul recycling. Go inside the heart through visualization and feeling instead. The Event is the Heart unity consciousness, you get there from within. The Event is internal. Not only external event or light, flash, that shifts people. they will try to create a false Event. Part of controlling the Hive mind is altering ascension perception of reality just like they have always done. To keep people stuck in the same system... recycling souls w false light. What i was seeing was the light of collective unconscious programmed thought because i can go right into the system in 4D consciousness... at first i thought it was external or both. Then after seeing the timelines of manipulation, diff realities, it is a created event through manipulation aided by technology along w a real event w waves of light we are recieving galactically to shift/ascend. So its kinda both, hard to explain. Thats what they do... create confusion to alter perception. So use discernment with all of it. Once your 4th dimensional hemispheres of the brain are activated, it is full transparency, you can see through all deception.
They have been trying to take control of 5D...thats their plan anyway. Wont happen but they still trying. The window to end the time loop through timeline interestion point is now. This is a re-do of 13,000+ yrs ago. When we "lost" this same opportunity. Timelines connected to Atlantis. We got caught in descension inversion in the physical vibration. All physical experiences shown plublically through media, politics, news are to re-enforce the physical 3d plane. They have taken control over all planets and chakras except the heart. Gaia is the heart.. they want to link this planet up to all the other prison planets so they would "win" and Earth is key. Its the heart. The last planet taken over was Mars during Free Will experiment transfer and you were ALL there. Some of us remember, some dont right now. Its all connected. They will be playing out orchestrated events in the collective timeline until the complete Light 4th density 5D shift... which may take the next 6-7 yrs. 2024 2025. Atleast thats what i was seeing and getting. They will be trying to bring back their dark lords through matching genetics, dna, bloodline of specific females born after 1982 to 1989 paired w specific males born 1970- 1979. Why those years...? its energy, alignments, blueprints that can "house" these entities. Dont be manipulated, your womb is a stargate females... only create w another being in full unconditional love, not manipulated matrix "love"

Hold love and unity within always.. thats what collaspes the 3d system

YOU have to start speaking to really connect with others. We have activations through our voice which activate others DNA blueprints triggering them to wake up.. its tough but just Share info and your experiences. The way i see it, is if i have 50k subscribers on yt that are here to shift this planet, then it should be atleast 50k people sharing information in some way or another...whatever way youre able to. And i know its tough with work/jobs and time/schedules but THIS is your REAL work/job while here in this lifetime. Im not saying you have to start a yt channel if thats something you werent comfortable with or thinking of, but taking action in uplifting the collective consciousness in some way. And be in integrity & true to you. Dont try to be like another, be yourself.

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