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Next Energy Wave & Gaia's Grid System 11/1

SEEING NORTHWEST- blackout/poweroutage Interference with electronics will increase. And issues w internet. There's new technology or system being rolled out November 16th... this has been planned for a long time. Our energy field protects us from any man-made frequency weapons. This is why we are receiving more & more transmissions, energy waves, downloads, activations and uploads from the planet/original grid Galactic Human connecting to the 4th density. Since October, this shift has accelerated in changed so much. They are like trying to change everything to hook it up to a different system, I don't really know how to explain it. These next few weeks ARE POWERFUL AND POSITIVE shifts spiritually Power outages. And issues w internet, electronics The Vatican & Royal Family that control all dark evil rituals done across the world, they timeline link using astrology, number, timelines to harvest energy (the need the emotional response of the collective or focus to power their intent because they do not have souls n cant manifest) THEY ARE BEING REMOVED. Something comes out publically in/around November about a death from the past and it seems to be pretty significant OR it's surrounded around a death & it leads to revealing of other information. Or the death is connected to information. JFK focus. Not just because of 11/22 the date of his murder. Grid system increases vibration of collective, energy below the Earths surface. Closing Cycle, entering the next phase! Back up channel: PATREON: (Im doing Shaktipat transmissions on Patreon) Anyone who has ordered a reading and has changed their mind on waiting ( do to me taking several months off from doing personals for my health) refund request through paypal: Aluna Ash Clairvoyant (once refunded you will not be able to re-order in the future until I'm open to do personals again and I'm not sure when that will be or if I will be opening up to do new personals again (only doing ones that have already purchased prior to my time off) unless I refunded you without you requesting a refund.

The Event "Flash" is Now

The Event "Flash" is Here and Now. Views from a Higher Perspective. --- Join the FB Group: *Keep in mind that information in this video comes from a 5D perspective, not a 3D perspective* Any information that comes through this video is for you to use your own belief system and discernment within you. --- Support my work on: PayPal: Website: YouTube: Instagram: @thequantumsoul --- WE are Jess & Abe. Learn more: ♡ Oneness and love be with you. --- #NewEarth #5D #TheEvent #Abraham #Ascension #AbrahamHicks

The Great Awakening EP43 - Remember the Dreams of the Child

The Great Awakening EP43 - Remember the Dreams of the Child Gematria - Ascension codes - Dreams - Visions Gematria /ɡəˈmeɪtriə/are methods of assigning a numerical value to a name, word or phrase based on its letters. Ascension code/ əˈsɛnʃ(ə)n /kəʊd/ Short messages that people receive from a dream or a vision. Dream /driːm/ A series of events or images that happen in your mind when you are sleeping. Vision /ˈvɪʒ(ə)n/ An experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or trance, often supernatural in nature. Ascension messages are extracted from ascension codes using gematria. Ascension codes are short messages that people receive from their dreams, meditation sometimes even visions or otherwise. They sent these ascension codes to me and I look up phrases with the same gematria value and translate it to a message. If you want your ascension code translated, send it to my email address [email protected] Remember to add the backstory, let us know how you got the code. Don’t be afraid to be as detailed as possible! Today’s code was sent in by Spiritual butterfly The Code: Remember the Dreams of the Child Download the message file here: Remember to subscribe: PLEASE SHARE my videos and channel with likeminded friends and family on social media. Please refrain from using “strong” language in the comments. Comments containing such will be withheld and will be deleted.


Hi EVERYONE!!👋 ❤️❤️ My name is Shay. On YouTube I go by the name of Pisces Moon1111❤️ I am a Leo Sun 🦁 , Pisces Moon 🐟 and Scorpio Rising 🦂 I am a empath so I pick up on energies like a sponge. Still learning my craft on reading Tarot. Thanks so much for checking out my vids! With Love, Shay 💜

Psychic Attacks/Entity Attacks 10/9

These entities can take on diff forms and its all just a massive pain in the ass really. Nothing to fear, they always scramble even more when a big shift is taking place

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