Energy Update 11/8

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Starseeds & Lightworkers- Purging, Age Groups 11/9

THE UPLIFTMENT OF HUMANITY😊 Thank you to the ones who are here with pure intent, encouraging others & speaking your truth without creating more division... Ive noticed Divine Feminines rising in every way right now and because of that- being attacked/gas lighted by the Masculine 3D archetype. Its not the person attacking you, slandering, gossiping, judging, etc... its the darkness attached to them or the darkness within them. And right now you will see the darkness with full transparency. Darkness is attracted to the light. It wants to create unconscious triggers so it can attach to your energy, merge through your auric shield. STAY STRONG & FOCUS ON YOUR PATH NO MATTER WHAT. The star family/galactic family says: "Humanity's Upliftment" instead of Ascension so when I speak of "The Upliftment" in videos, it is the Ascension. This shift is really going to start picking up, there will be an increase with the poles shifting very soon. As soon as we start seeing certain volcanic eruptions at specific energy points on the planet, thats when we know the 3D matrix grid overlapping the natural grid system of The Mother energy, is removed at a level where the collective will be tuning in to the original memory structure of Gaia & galactic memories/template of humanity and sychronicity(4D) Stay strong if you're dealing with a lot of changes & purging. Stay dedicated to your inner work. And remember, this is just a stop, not the destination💜 We each have different roles that evolve and grow over time... we are all pieces of the puzzle. *We are each like flashdrives of information or conduits needed in order for one system to fully operate. If you have anything that you've been working on or if you've been sharing your experiences & would like to share, Feel free to link your channels, websites, etc.. in the comments for others to connect.

Twin Flame Channelled Message. NOV 2018.

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OP's/ Agents/ Organic & Synthetic Soulless Portals/Handlers/Sleeping Souls/Awakened Souls

Its a war on your Spirit. I got 16% awakened last year. I dont know the % of awakened right now in september 2018 yet but i believe 20-25% Attachments, entities, lower thoughts or triggers whether someone is being manipulated to trigger you or you are triggering them) nothing to be ashamed of it's something that all of us deal with in this realm because it's a battle for your energy, it's psychological and spiritual warfare. We all have control & can create our reality and experience what we choose to. This can feel like an idea, a thought, an emotion, etc.. that doesn't feel good and just know that anything that doesn't feel good, is your soul and spirit speaking to you saying that it is not your energy- it's a program. It's also important to use discernment if you're having any type of energy work done or connecting with certain people, or getting guidance, getting information, etc.. use your discernment. We have a shift that's about to take place ( and I will upload more about this, but most of you already know this. You already feel it) that is opening up the 13th Gate, which is going to create a complete shift in consciousness for many people in this realm.

The Shift. Energy Update 12/10

#5D #4thDensity #PoleShift I know i already mentioned this in past videos but still seeing what looks like a submarine.. i keep being shown movement in water & a sub maybe scanning the area for energy changes, dont really know, well I do know exactlt what Im seeing & feeling about it just unsure if it's meant to be mentioned. We are moving closer as a collective to the embodiment of Christ consciousness.. some are already there, other's are partly there, and some are and/or feeling really stuck in the duality 3D matrix. This is not the "end times" it's the end of 3 dimensional consciousness. And beginning of the collective seeing beyond linear time & seeing beyond the visible light frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum. Fear is only a 3D matrix program for control to delay our 5D 4th density Upliftment as a collective. 5D Upliftment to the Divine Feminine Magnetic Sun Cycle: transition complete- 2021 12/12=6 (4D) on a Solar Tone Day. Tone 9(5D) And last day of the 5th moon cycle. The "Sun Awakens" in or after the 6th moon cycle, which starts December 13th (13 is the number of the Sun)

Ashtar Sheran, The Awakening will be Grand

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Pole shift is about to speed up. With more physically change. Once a few Volcanoes go off in certain locations it sets off the complete pole shift.
Anytime we have such a huge energy shift, there will be distractions or false flags.. which may not even be even experienced or happening, they're just spoken about and projected to the collective through the media in order to spread fear and panic when in reality there are so many that are Awakening right now and tuning into the vibration of the fifth dimension, of unity Consciousness and feeling the connection to Gaia at a soul/spirit level. We have a reactivation of the rainbow wave timeline that was originally brought in by the solar eclipse in February 2018 on the 11th. Some may experience a huge energetic shift after the 11th possibly a few weeks later, along with planetary changes. We also have a solar storm/energy wave coming in right before 11/11 **PLUS a vibration spike of the planet/grid due to a collective download of focused thought on this date! Purging, emotions, physical symptoms can be felt during these energy shifts.... listen to your body rest as much as you can, drink plenty of water. Be easy on yourself & others.
Heat in skin, itchy skin, leaky ears, body aches, sleep changes, thirsty, headache, dizzy, heart palpitations, anxiety or sad thoughts at times, crying, feeling disconnected

You may have noticed that I changed my name to just Aluna Ash 9D, I get so many emails from the channel of people wanting me to tell them answers to every aspect of their life, im not a superhero 😁 I do absolutely pick up on a lot of individual messages, but the majority of Clairvoyant messages that I receive are for the collective, and connected to the collective unconscious & planet.
Ill be sending out emails "tonight" after 12am and all day tomorrow from 3pm-9-10pm

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